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Star rating

Star rating widget can be used to display as well as input ratings. The widget supports half stars, and the number of stars can be set too.

ToolJet - Star rating Widget

Event: On Change#

This event is triggered when an star is clicked.


LabelThe text to be used as the label for the star rating.
Number of starsInitial number of stars in the list on initial load. default: 5
Default no of selected starsThis property specifies the default count of stars that are selected on the initial load. default: 5 (integer)
Enable half starAllows selection of half stars if enabled. default: false (bool)
TooltipsThis is used for displaying informative tooltips on each star, and it is mapped to the index of the star. default: [] (array of strings )
Star ColorDisplay color of the star. default: #ffb400 (color hex)