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The map widget can be used to pick or select locations on the google map with the location's coordinates.

ToolJet - Widget Reference - Map

Exposed variables#

boundsViewport area of the map
centerIt contains the locations' coordinates at the center of the bounding area
markersA marker identifies a location on the map. markers contains the list of markers on the map
selectedMarkerObject with the marker selected by the user


On bounds changeTriggered when the bounding area is changed. This event is triggered after bounds variable is updated
On create markerThis event is triggered when a new marker is created on the map
On marker clickThis event is triggered when any of the markers in the map is clicked


Initial locationIt is the default location's coordinates that the map should focus on.
Default MarkersList of markers that should be shown on the map
Add new markersThis property should be enabled to add new markers to the map on click.
Search for placesIt can be used to show or hide auto-complete search box.